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Why Bonds Are Still Essential for Diversified Portfolios
Market Insights

Why Bonds Are Still Essential for Diversified Portfolios

We explain what long-term investors need to know about the recent swings in the bond market and why diversifying across stocks and bonds remains the best way to construct well-balanced portfolios for income and growth.

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How Personal Savings Affect the Economy
Global Wealth Management

How Personal Savings Affect the Economy

Post-pandemic, consumer savings rates have fallen as people dine out, attend events and shop more. Here, we look at how consumer balance sheets look today and if the savings rate decline is worrisome for the economy.

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Special Update: What the US Debt Downgrade Means for Investors
Market Insights

Implications of the US Debt Downgrade to Investors

Credit ratings agency Fitch has recently downgraded the U.S. debt from AAA to AA+, significantly impacting financial markets. We delve into what drove the downgrade and what perspective long-term investors should take.

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