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UK Pensions Solutions

Across the Pond:
Managing a UK Pension from the USA



David Mitchell, a 57-year-old finance professional, had accrued a significant amount in his UK pension schemes during his over 20 year career in London. Five years ago, Mr. Mitchell accepted a job offer in New York and has settled with his family in the US. Now, as he nears his 60s, Mr. Mitchell is preparing for his retirement while in the US.



Mr. Mitchell faced the challenge of navigating the complexities of managing his UK pensions while residing in the US. Key considerations included understanding the tax implications and compliance regulations with both UK and the US. Additionally, he seeks a suitable investment strategy that suits his unique cross-border circumstance.


Strategies and Solutions

Tax Implications and Double Taxation
Oour firm's specialists provided Mr. Mitchell with taxation insights and shed light on potential challenges in the cross-border tax landscape.

Pension Management Options
Our specialists shared several options to Mr. Mitchell on how to manage UK pensions from the US, including consolidating them into a SIPP.

Compliance with Regulations
To comply with UK and US pension regulations, the firm guided Mr. Mitchell in identifying the necessary paperwork for submission.

Investment Strategy for Dual Jurisdictions
Mr. Mitchell worked closely with our cross-border advisors to develop an investment approach that is aligned with his unique financial goals.

Ongoing Client Service Support
Our client service team guided Mr. Mitchell with the SIPP onboarding process, provided ongoing support and swift issue resolution.



Mitigated Tax Implications
Mr. Mitchell minimized the tax implications of managing his UK pension from the US, avoiding double taxation where possible.

Strategic Pension Transfer
Mr. Mitchell opted to consolidate his UK pensions into a SIPP, enabling him to streamline the management of his pension assets.

Regulatory Compliance
He  successfully navigated the complex process of complying with UK and US pension authorities, allowing him to avoid costly penalties.

Balanced Investment Strategy
The tailored investment strategy allowed Mr. Mitchell to balance his portfolio effectively, aligned with his investment objectives.

Focus on Achieving Financial Goals
With our team’s commitment to provide exceptional client support, Mr. Mitchell was able to focus on achieving his retirement goals.


David Mitchell's case illustrates the challenges and solutions associated with managing a UK pension from the US. By leveraging our specialization in cross-border UK pension management, Mr. Mitchell successfully transferred and optimized his UK pension amidst all the complexities associated with a global move.

Cross-Border Retirement Planning:
Managing a Defined Benefit Pension and SERPS while residing in the US



Mrs. Patricia Turner, a 65-year-old UK citizen, has spent over two-thirds of her career working in the UK, accumulating a substantial defined benefit pension and participating in the State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme (SERPS). After residing in the USA for many years, Mrs. Turner is now preparing for retirement on American soil.



The challenge for Mrs. Turner lies in how to most efficiently manage her UK pension from the US. Understanding the tax implications associated with the available options, ongoing taxation of pension income in both the UK and the US, transitioning her SERPS benefits, managing currency exchange risks present multifaceted challenges.


Strategies and Solutions

Tax Implications and Pension Transfer
Our team of specialists helped Mrs. Turner interpret the double taxation agreement and its impact on her pension and SERPS in the US.

SERPS Transition
The firm assisted Mrs. Turner in restructuring her SERPS into a vehicle that was more convenient to manage from the US.

Currency Risk Mitigation
We implemented strategies that allowed the client's portfolio to be managed in a multi-currency environment, reducing currency risk exposure.

Portfolio Diversification
The firm recommended investment options beyond traditional pension offerings, and tailored the strategy to meet Mrs. Turner’s unique needs.

Legal and Estate Planning
Our cross-border UK pension specialists helped Mrs. Turner address the potential pitfalls that she may come across in the US.



Optimized Tax Efficiency
Mrs. Turner better understood her tax exposure and was able to leverage the double taxation agreement more efficiently.

Streamlined Pension Transition
Our cross-border UK pension specialist helped Mrs. Turner transfer her pension and SERPS to a vehicle better suited for US residents.

Ensured Regulatory Adherence
Mrs. Turner had the support of both an SEC-registered advisor and FCA regulated partners who can guide her with regulatory requirements.

Balanced Investment Approach
Our cross-border UK pension advisor crafted an investment portfolio that is well aligned with the client’s risk profile and retirement objectives.

Effective Communication Channels
The firm kept a dynamic dialogue with Mrs. Turner, regularly updating her about relevant developments that may impact her retirement.


Mrs. Patricia Turner's case illustrates the intricate challenges faced by UK citizens with defined benefit pensions and SERPS accumulated over a substantial UK-based career who choose to retire in the USA. Through meticulous planning, collaboration with cross-border financial and legal professionals, and a comprehensive understanding of tax and regulatory landscapes, Mrs. Turner is well-prepared to embark on a rewarding retirement journey in the United States.

The characters and circumstances portrayed are fictional and designed to illustrate how the firm helps US-connected global citizens.