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UK Pension Solutions

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UK pensions, whether a SIPP, QROPS or final salary, can be difficult to manage. Our service approach will help. Stemming from a philosophy of comprehensive client solutions, we use empirical evidence to create portfolios that are robust. We offer a bespoke service tailored to your and your families’ needs.

Our Philosophy

Identifying Cross-Border Needs

When managing your UK pensions overseas, we offer you the best possible solutions to maximize your investment goals. Our experienced financial advisors are experienced in all areas of U.K. pensions.

Create Solutions

We keep our ear on the ground to create tailor-made solutions.

Execute Efficient Strategies

We offer you the best and most efficient strategies for maximizing your U.K. pension. Our approach stems from decades of management experience that are pliable to your demands.

Our Approach

We are experts in U.K. pension planning and management. At Cross Border Wealth, we utilize the most effective and innovative standards to ensure a successful outcome. Our founders have worked around the world and are considered experts in their field. Our team of advisors give only the best financial advice for U.K. pensions, drawing from personal expatriate experiences.

Cross Border Wealth Difference

With over 30 years of experience in cross-border wealth management, our expertise in UK pension management is unparalleled. We pursue all areas of global wealth management related to UK pensions backed by a solid foundation of experience. Our all-encompassing management approach combined with proven innovative results makes all the difference.

What to Expect

We offer you the assurance that you can leave your UK pensions and other financial assets in the hands of our trusted advisors. At Cross Border Wealth, we aim to assist global pension plans in navigating multi-faceted situations with a holistic view.

Our Approach: How We Partner With Clients

In today’s complex market and regulatory environment, we understand the continued need for innovative investment solutions and implementation expertise.

Holistic Approach to Pension Management

Assist fiduciary committees in better understanding the impact of their decisions on the sponsor’s overall balance sheet.

Risk Management

As liability management becomes a priority for the plan, our liability strategists and proprietary analytics can help plans manage toward end-game solutions.

Financial Markets

GSAM’s global team provides access to expertise across financial markets and instruments.

Regulatory Environment

Our dedicated pension strategists can help plans navigate a changing regulatory environment.

Key Differentiators

Unparalleled Strategy

We pursue all areas of global wealth management related to U.K. pensions — backed by our experts’ decades of experience.

Global Solutions

We manage U.K. assets by creating solutions based on your individual demands and needs.

Effective Outlook

We deploy a comprehensive management approach, combined with proven innovative results, with the goal of satisfying our clients’ needs.

Strategic Risk Management

We leverage the appropriate technologies in portfolio management, and evaluate all aspects of investment risk.

Our Process



We offer you the assurance that you can leave your UK pensions and other financial assets in the hands of our trusted advisors who will study every aspect of your needs.



We look at your existing UK pensions and create new solutions in line with your multi-faceted situation.



We navigate and implement global and UK pension plans with a holistic view.

Examples of Our Partnership with Clients

Client Description

A large multinational with pension plans in multiple jurisdictions that had taken steps to reduce the overall risk their pension plans posed to the overall organization.

Client Objective

The client was seeking a strategic partner to assist them in developing a more holistic, liability-oriented investment strategy. The client had developed a glide path and had hit a number of funded status triggers, increasing their Liability Driven Investing (LDI) allocation to approximately 60%. The client had several active long-duration fixed income managers and was seeking a completion manager to ensure the total LDI portfolio matched the client’s liability risk exposures.

GSAM Solution

GSAM was hired by the client to serve as an anchor fixed income manager. We maintained a role within the active long-duration roster and completed the LDI portfolio to a customized liability benchmark based on accounting cash flows and discount rate methodology. Since the inception of the mandate, we have served the client as a strategic partner, assisting as they work through various de-risking exercises, rebalancing between the long-duration managers based on desired target allocations, raising cash for benefit payments as needed, and serving as the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) for one of its international pension plans.

Client Description

A leading mobile & telecom multinational with a legacy US pension obligation representing over 50% of the organization’s market capitalization. Prior to mandate, their asset allocation was approximately 60% equities and 40% bonds.

Client Objective

The client had frozen their US pension plan to new entrants and future accruals, and was seeking support as they embarked on a large-scale pension plan restructuring with an increased focus on liability-driven investing. The client needed assistance in developing a more diversified strategic asset allocation for remaining pension plan assets, and structuring a retiree buy-out and a lump sum offer to terminated vested participants.

GSAM Solution

We worked with the client to carve out assets to use in the transaction and ran scenarios to determine the value of held bonds given a tradeoff between (a) maximizing the insurance discount and (b) hedging versus the roll-forward. In addition to managing the annuitized plan pre-transfer, and developing a derivative overlay to mitigate the market risk between the roll-forward index and the amount to be delivered to the insurer, we served as the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) and implemented a modernized LDI program to revamp its growth portfolio.

Client Description

A 401(k) plan looking for a full review of investment options available to its participants. At the time, the plan had approximately $500 million in assets and 19 different investment options.

Client Objective

The client had two main goals:
  1. To ensure they were providing an adequate number of choices across asset classes.
  2. To seek simplification within each asset class.

GSAM Solution

After discussing the goals and objectives with the client’s investment committee, the GSAM team advised the client to replace the growth and value style options in all asset classes with core options. They also recommended that they remove blended options, replace passive core fixed income with an active option, remove intermediate-term and long-term treasury options and move all investments to lower fee share classes. As a result, the client removed nine investment options, added a small cap core strategy, added an actively managed core bond strategy, and moved to lower fee share classes for all investments.

We're here to help. Our offices in New York City and Manila offer local and international expertise.

We're here to help. Our offices in New York City and Manila offer local and international expertise.