UK Pensions


Cross Border Wealth helps clients take control of their UK pensions. We provide local advice on how to manage them before and during retirement. The service you receive from Cross Border Wealth includes a complimentary review of your existing UK pension(s), to provide a better understanding of them and determine whether you might benefit from a pension transfer to a ROPS or SIPP. 

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USA Pensions


Are you an American or Foreign National who resides outside the USA and has a U.S. pension? Given the current regulatory environment, many individuals are left with few options, if any at all, in respect to their U.S. 401k or IRAs. Cross Border Wealth specializes in solutions. We have partnered with brokerages, banks and custodians that accept individuals residing outside the USA. Contact us  

Investment Management


We manage diversified investment portfolios that aim to increase your wealth while managing overall risk. Our investment process seeks highest total return over time through low-cost, tax efficient exposure to a worldwide financial ecosystem. Client portfolios invested primarily in exchange traded funds (ETFs) contain stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. All portfolios are uniquely customized to your financial goals and risk tolerance. 

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US & International Taxation


Every investment choice and financial decision should take tax implications into consideration.  So we continually help our clients, coordinate with accountants and lawyers as necessary, to help answer questions such as: What changes do I need to make year to year in response to changes in the tax code? How does country-of-residence taxation affect U.S. tax obligations, planning decisions and investment strategy? How do I ensure that my children pay the least amount of tax possible when they inherit my tax-deferred retirement accounts?   

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Global Estate Planning


Done well, estate planning can vastly increase wealth and what is left for heirs after taxes. Coordinating with estate attorneys, we guide clients through the maze of available estate planning techniques and clarify their options. Our goal is to minimize various taxes triggered at death and ensure clients’ assets end up with the rightful beneficiaries. Our expertise encompasses the complexities of estate planning for U.S. citizens living abroad and working with non-resident alien investors to minimize their U.S. estate tax obligations. Contact us

Charitable Giving


Cross Border Wealth helps clients navigate complex issues surrounding international philanthropy. Through comprehensive analysis of their financial situation, relevant income tax and estate/inheritance tax laws, we guide you and your family in what’s called effective giving, so you can maximize the impact of your charitable work. 

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Retirement Planning


First we clearly establish a client's investment goals. Then Cross Border Wealth develops as financial plan for optimal use of retirement accounts and recommends an appropriate asset allocation. Questions that may arise; Which of these options are available to U.S. expats? Can an expat have a 401k or IRA? If I intend to retire outside the United States, in what currency should my investments be held?  

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You may wonder, how much life insurance do I need? What's enough?  What is an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) and should I have one? Are annuities ever a smart investment? Are non-U.S. insurance policies appropriate for U.S. taxpayers? We review these questions and more, helping clients understand how insurance products work and what is appropriate for your unique situation.  Contact us

Offshore Savings Plans


Do you have an offshore regular savings plan or lump-sum bond which was acquired while residing outside the USA? We are familiar with various international insurance companies and well-versed in particular products and jurisdictions. Our firm’s experience and expertise allows us to fully incorporate offshore savings plans into your overall financial picture. 

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Mis-sold Expatriate


Given the unfortunate state of the offshore financial services industry, it is not uncommon for individuals to be mislead, ill-advised and mis-sold investment products. It happens all too often and can be difficult to recover. At Cross Border Wealth, we specialize in managing these situations in the best way possible given the circumstances. 

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Global Banking & Currency


Globally-minded individuals have multi-currency needs. Sending and converting money can be costly, especially if the typical bank channels are used. Our knowledge and experience of the foreign exchange market and relationships help you manage costs, simplify this aspect of your life and feel less stressed. 

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Educational Savings Plans


529 plans, UTMA custodial accounts, Coverdells (ESA)–with so many options, what is the best way to save for college and cover education expenses? Before your children head off to college, how much will you need to save each year to make sure the money is there when they need it? Cross Border Wealth fully integrates college savings planning with your overall financial goals and strategies. Contact us