Global Wealth Management

Work with a team that understands your financial planning objectives and need for flexibility as an Expatriate in the USA an American Overseas or Foreign National.  We uniquely specialize in cross border investments and multi-jurisdictional solutions.  Our cross border specialists develop and implement tax efficient investment and global wealth strategies unique to cross border families.  Whether you’re looking to retire overseas or repatriate to your home country, our team seamlessly manages your portfolio into retirement. We offer investment vehicles and multi-currency options to follow you wherever life takes you.  Contact us


International Pension Solutions

Strategically align your overseas pension with your U.S. retirement plan and local estate planning objectives.  We provide research, analysis, and optimize your existing pension arrangements, custom-tailored to your personal circumstances.  Depending on where your pension is domiciled, you may have the option to consolidate and manage those assets from the U.S. 

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Cross Border Estate & Tax Planning

We work with a network of international estate and tax planning professionals to help you confidently navigate the complex landscape of cross border taxation. International estate attorneys review and monitor overseas and U.S. based assets, ensuring your wealth is protected for future generations. Meanwhile, specialized tax professionals will provide you with personalized guidance, advising you on the suitability and tax efficiency of your investment decisions. 

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